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Our Pharmacy is located in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

PharmRCE is a pharmaceutical distributor based in Mérida, Yucatán. Mexico.
Our objectives are to establish business relationship for health related products:

• Participate in auctions or bids that each country performs regularly.
• Provide our services to entities Importers.
• Provide our services to entities Consuming.
• Provide products to small distributors.
• Provide products to pharmacies that sell drugs directly to consumers.

In order to offer our services to all those who in one way or another could be favored with our market knowledge and competitive prices in each case can offer.

PharmRCE has the expertise to ensure your order management infrastructure, product localization, delivery at the agreed place at the agreed time required safety and efficiency.

Our distributor handles many products, so it is very attractive to any importer, distributor or retail pharmacies little benefit from the prices obtained when purchased in bulk.

As is typical in this industry, the Buyer-Seller, read Orders ratio vs. Offers are made from specific requests, this is motivated by the huge variations in bids based on stocks, commitments delivery, expiration dates and production capacity of each laboratory specific for each particular product . Is a function of these parameters is that the best warranties and prices are obtained.

Proceed to fill without obligation of any kind the form on this page with your general information and your needs and we will be glad to talk to you and make you an offer once we have secured all your requirements.
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